The Machine Folk Session is a community website dedicated to folk music generated by, or co-created with, machines.

You can find tunes to play, recordings of them, or events where they're played.

  • Rike Will Ely

    Original tune submitted Aug. 20, 2018. One contributed setting.

  • Folk RNN Tune №1866

    Tune submitted from July 3, 2018. In one tunebook. One comment.

  • AI låt i G

    Original tune submitted Jan. 2, 2019. Has been recorded once.

  • Folk RNN Tune №2798

    Tune submitted from July 26, 2018. One contributed setting.

  • 1068 (v2)

    Original tune submitted May 18, 2018. In one tunebook. Has been recorded once. Performed at two events.