Join us at St. James’s Sussex Gardens for an evening featuring artificial and biological intelligences working together. The evening—both a concert and a demonstration—presents a diverse program of music created with the assistance of folk-rnn, a machine learning system that has been trained on folk music from Ireland and the UK. folk-rnn can create music both within that traditional style and outside it.

You’ll hear some of London’s best Irish musicians playing a mix of traditional and generated tunes. Will you be able to tell the difference? Pieces generated by the folk-rnn system and harmonized by a different system trained on music by J. S. Bach (DeepBach) will be performed on the church organ. The New Music Players will perform pieces composed interactively with the system and premiere the winning piece from the folk-rnn composition competition, Gwyl Werin for mixed quartet by Derri Joseph Lewis. This piece was judged and selected by three leading experts in the field of music and artificial intelligence: interdisciplinary artist Elaine Chew, musician and AI Google researcher Sageev Oore, and composer and researcher Oded Ben-Tal. Ben-Tal will discuss this research project, conducted with his colleague Bob Sturm, from KTH Stockholm.

Dessert, wine, and refreshments will be served.